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DC NE Facelift

The Project

Kitchen renovation, updated dining room, and one-of-a-kind wet bar

Living in the city in which we work, many of our clients are our neighbors that have seen our projects in their neighborhood and want the same look in their own home. Our clients purchased a row home that had been renovated within the last decade but was already dated and underutilized. The main project was to remove the existing kitchen while removing some large storage closets to create a larger kitchen layout with better flow and more useful storage. This home had an open light shaft in the middle of the house that was originally meant to bring fresh air and light into the home. Well, we capped it with a new roof that included a skylight to maintain the natural light, and created a one of a kind wet bar area between our new kitchen and the updated dining room. The whole flow of the home feels so much better just by making better use of 30 square feet of previously unusable space. Our clients had a vision and allowed us to get creative with this unique space. We are proud of the results!