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We believe quality construction is something you can actually feel.

We bring new life to time-worn properties, creating homes that flow smoothly, meet the demands of city living, and feature beautiful finishes and design. Behind the walls and floorboards you’ll find thoughtful planning and careful attention to detail informed by our depth of experience and a pure love of the craft.

Our work is our pride and our clients are our people. 

Meet Jesse Connell, Owner

Jesse grew up in the Boston area with an entrepreneurial father and carpenter grandfather. He fell in love with building in a post-college carpentry apprenticeship, where he discovered the joy of bringing concepts to reality with the rooms and floors that make a home. He worked on projects ranging from custom colonials in New England to ultramodern builds in San Francisco before settling his life and work in Washington, DC. Since 2006 he has renovated nearly one hundred homes on Capitol Hill.

As a craftsman, Jesse is a hardworking perfectionist who lives by a good plan. As a neighbor, he’s a doer who believes in integrity and accountability. Jesse lives with his wife and four children on Capitol Hill.

Our name reflects our work and story: native to the Massachusetts coastal region but also found locally in DC, the pitch pine is a hearty tree that will grow where few others will. Ecologists use it for stabilization because of its ability to support an ecosystem’s vibrancy — much like the centrality of homes to both families and communities.